Kalifa reported that their objective was nearly completed, however, Lucci chided their so you’re able to keep back one talk up to it turned up

Kalifa reported that their objective was nearly completed, however, Lucci chided their so you’re able to keep back one talk up to it turned up

Abreast of reaching Enies Reception, Lucci escorted Franky and Robin for the Tower out of Fairness, where Spandam and rest of CP9 waited

Lucci and CP9 representatives next boarded the sea Illustrate so you can Enies Reception with Franky, Usopp, and you can Robin when you look at the pull, tossing aforementioned two into the a mind place as illustrate happy to depart. As they got going, Lucci checked toward deviation even after living towards the Drinking water seven to possess 5 years. Corgi advised CP9 that every of your most other cars is guarded of the strong government officials. But not, they afterwards had a declare that the last several automobiles had been fragmented because of the Sanji, who was to the show along with freed Franky. Blueno questioned if the guy would be to check up on Robin, but Lucci said they must focus on apprehending Franky, when he with full confidence mentioned that they might never get Robin straight back.

Afterwards, CP9 noticed as Sanji and you may Franky blew the fresh beaten Wanze and Nero into their vehicles ahead of confronting them, and you may Lucci pondered who Nero is. Nero assured Lucci he would kill Franky, however, Lucci reminded your you to definitely Franky is said to be captured alive. Not delighted of the Nero functioning on his emotions, Lucci gave brand new CP9 representative three moments to operate to own his lifestyle, and also as Nero tried to explore Soru to flee, Lucci effortlessly strike your off. Nero decrease outside of the auto to your sea, and you can Lucci entitled him trash to own not yet fully studying Rokushiki before informing Kalifa to claim that he was as well weakened. Lucci following experienced Sanji and you will Franky, informing these to give up saving Robin once the their particular earlier in the day produced her a risk to the world. Sanji angrily attacked Lucci to own their statements on Robin, but Lucci with ease prohibited him as he continued his thoughts you to definitely Robin should pass away. Robin then came into the auto and you can advised brand new invaders in order to hop out, resulting in Lucci so you’re able to ce and you can informed Franky to slice the vehicle sagging in order to avoid. The guy threw a cig Star so you’re able to disturb the CP9 agencies, however, as they slice the vehicles sagging, the brand new CP9 representatives drawn them back to each other and you will attacked Sanji because the Robin took their front. Franky made an effort to totally free Sanji, Usopp, and you will Robin once more once the CP9 recaptured him, however, Robin are ultimately cut back by the Blueno. Eventually, the sea Illustrate approached Enies Lobby which have Robin and Franky in pull, and you may Lucci had emotional when he spotted this new island towards the first time from inside the 5 years.

Enies Lobby Arc [ ]

The brand new CP9 were all of the reunited during the Tower off Fairness just like the Lucci affirmed one to one another Cutty Flam and you will Robin was indeed during the child custody. Each other Lucci and Jabra appeared to show rivalry among them if you’re one another Kaku and you may Kumadori told them to settle down and feature passion for the their enough time-seen family relations. Fukurou following counted their fuel into the Doriki in which he indicated that Lucci’s matter are 4000. Spandam disturbed all of them and you can displayed them a chest that have a couple Devil Good fresh fruit.

Spandam upcoming informed the agencies off CP9 to go back so you can the bedroom and rest. Lucci following told Spandam he wasn’t in the mood to own an effective toast together with no need for updates or power. Lucci mentioned that the form of justice resided toward Business Government and this the government approved Spandam since the commander out-of CP9 and it also are its responsibility accomplish its objectives well. However, Lucci went on to say that the guy failed to always features to support Brasilialainen lady morsian Spandam’s ideals. Spandam up coming requested Lucci just what the guy wanted. Lucci changed into his animal-human crossbreed means and you may replied, “Blood,” claiming when the the guy were there, even death was justifiable. Rob Lucci and the anyone else following leftover to visit its bedroom.

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