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A remodel is the development of new designs for an existing work. It includes carrying out the survey of the existing, the review of the mechanical, electrical and structural systems to determine if the remodeling will imply a change in these.

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Construction Expansions

An extension is the increase in the built area that is built after the final reception of the works.

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Foundations are elements that collect the loads of the structure of a building, machinery or structure element, anchoring it to the ground. In this way, the weight of the is assumed by the ground and in case of any deformation in the construction, this would be compatible and assumed by the structure.

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Asphalt Pavements (made of asphalt concrete): They are flexible pavements. Their surface is made of asphalt concrete, without joints and they are not more than 10 cm thick. Their base is approximately 20 cm thick and they usually have a sub-base.

A concrete pavement is a structure that allows the efficient dissipation of traffic stresses, either pedestrian or vehicular. Once the substructure has been prepared, its density has been verified and the dimensions of the land defined in the design, it begins with the placement of the concrete.

Steel structures

Metallic structure is any structure whose parts are mostly metallic materials. Metallic structures are commonly used in the industrial sector because they provide excellent characteristics for construction.

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Concrete Structures

Reinforced concrete structures are those that are used in building constructions.

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Industrial Floors

An epoxy floor is a material used especially for the industry made up of epoxy resin, mainly metalworking, pharmaceutical, food and chemical, due to its characteristics it qualifies as an industrial floor.

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