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The art of constructing buildings or other works using, as the case may be, stone, brick, lime, plaster, cement or other similar materials


Related to the installation and maintenance of pipe networks for the supply of drinking water and wastewater evacuation, as well as heating installations in buildings and other constructions.


Construction system, used mostly for the elaboration of internal dividing walls such as exterior walls, it is used as a false ceiling and it is also used for the creation of decorative elements and / or furniture

Low Voltage Electricity

A low voltage electrical installation is considered to be one that distributes or generates electrical energy for its own consumption and the receivers within the following nominal voltage limits: Alternating current: equal to or less than 1000 volts.

Medium Voltage Electricity

Medium voltage electrical is the term used to refer to electrical installations with a nominal voltage between 1 and 36 kV, in fact, they are considered as High Voltage installations, and should be treated as such.


Manufacture and maintenance of all kinds of shapes made with carbon steel profiles such as: supports, doors, windows, protections and mechanisms.

Building painting

Application of paints on any type of surface, preventive or corrective maintenance on vinyl, acrylic, enamels, polyurethane epoxy paints.

Pastes and finishes in buildings

The pastes or coatings indicate that it is a layer of material that is placed on a built structure or on any surface, in order to give a finished finish, Application of stucco paste, conventional plastering, textured pastes, etc.


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