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Structural opinion

We provide structural opinions so that you can comply with the rules related to the evaluation of property damage and / or structural inspection.
First, we will carry out a visual inspection and reviewing all existing documents: structural plan, computational memory, soil mechanics , previous observations, previous structural evidence.
Depending on the conditions of the property, other types of investigation may be required (if applicable).

Structural calculations

If a structural calculation is required, it is because you have a construction project and must apply for a building permit from the municipality.
This research is carried out to obtain the most effective structural design to support its own weight (static load), the applied load in use (active load) and the load generated by natural events.
Therefore, the structural calculations must not only comply with local laws and regulations, but also with the regulations of each material, and be part of the project before carrying out the work and construction requirements.

Structural design

Through structural design, what we seek is to achieve a structure that does not fail at any time during its useful life.
When a structure stops performing its function correctly, the structure will be recognized as a "failure".
Therefore we use the following:


Preliminary structuring will be carried out when necessary, and it is expected that a specific location and size of the structural elements will be proposed so that specific construction projects can be improved.


To perform this analysis, we use a computer program that is based on a rigid method. These can provide us with the displacement and mechanical elements of the structural components.


Taking into account the mechanical elements of the analysis, and based on them, the dimensions and assembly of the structural components will be provided.


With all the data that has been collected, the structural plans will begin to be drawn, the same that will be provided in C.D.

Calculation memory

A descriptive calculation must be performed for the structure in question, which must mention all the live and dead loads used. And some design examples.

Soil mechanics

We carry out the exploration and analysis of soil mechanics to understand the physical properties of the soil with the application of laws of mechanics and hydraulics to the geotechnical problems of the land, studying in depth the properties, behavior and use of soils as structural material, in such a way so that the deformations and resistance of this, offer security, durability and stability to the structures of the constructions.

Electrical project

In carrying out an electrical project, the basic elements are the estimated electrical load for your property, the number of floors or rooms, the distribution, the size of the work field, etc.

It is also necessary to take into account the characteristics that accompany the power supply, such as, for example, where the elements that are needed for the installation will be located, the chosen materials that, of course, must be certified and within the general scope of intervention, that is:

Executive Project

It consists of a set of documents where the construction to be carried out is established in detail, as well as all the recommendations that are considered pertinent for the optimal development of the work. In this way, the information collected is reflected in plans, calculations, descriptive memories and everything that is deemed necessary.


Topographic plans

Study of soils, descriptions of the terrain, specifications on cuts or fillings necessary according to the characteristics of the work site.

Architectural plans

Here the different spaces of a house are represented, with all the appropriate dimensions and specifications. Some of the aspects that are included are: the ground plan and its location, facade, finishes, models, etc.

Structural project

Undoubtedly, it is a central part since, as its name indicates, it would be the skeleton of the work, which will determine its durability and safety.

Some of the plans are:

Descriptive and constructive reports

It is usually a combination of text and images and serves to justify the decisions and solutions adopted in the executive project, as well as an estimated time schedule for the execution of the work.


Knowing about the numbers will allow us to make calculations about the money we have and organize the work according to the stages that we get to cover.

Architectural design

The design contains mental images or manifestations of the imagination, which can be concrete or abstract, in addition to its transition and realization, it also has a sense of architecture, which projects the physical structure of the structure and produces ideas of great aesthetic appeal.

DRW signature

DRW – Director Responsible for Works, is the specialist person with quantitative technical knowledge and the authorization and registration of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, who is responsible for the observance of the law, the Construction Regulations, and the Technical Standards Complementary so that it grants its responsive one for manifestation of new construction and license of special construction, demolition, among others.


Creation of renders a digital image that is created from a 3D model or scenario made in a specialized computer program, whose objective is to give a realistic appearance from any perspective of the model which is subjected to various processes, which with the use of techniques of texturing materials, lighting, distribution, as well as photographic techniques, create a photorealistic image.



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